The Hibore was like swinging a double car garage, the head was too big. We felt much more confident on hitting a straight tee shot with the Taylormade. I agree with CJ on this one, I would rather be a few yards shorter, if I am comfortable with the club in my hand, distance is one thing, but look and FEEL is really important, so this goes to the R9. The Best Year for Drivers Ever? Of course both head designs can be special ordered with most custom shafts available today.

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Very good at going straight. For the tinkerers out there Nike has also introduced the Str8-Fit Line.

I have been playing a Ping G10 that I dym very inconsistent with, and decided to trade it in on a new driver. Looks wise, the Dymo is a little classier than its predecessor in our opinionwith the colouring somewhat toned down. The sole of the clubhead has also been toned down.

Even most of my not-so-great swings sent drives right down the middle of the fairway. The Dymo was jike average 8 yards longer with all 3 golfers and ballspeed averages were 6 mph faster with the Dymo STR8 Fit compared to the r9.

Nike Dymo and Dymo2 Driver Review

For a while, I was slicing badly, so I closed the club face by 2-degrees, with the easily adjustable setting — until I was able to work noke some hand-position issues. To be fair, even though I really liked this club, I have to give one warning. So sasquztch recammend getting a knew shaft. I would be curious to see a review of the dymo str8-fit square vs round, and maybe even a re-do of this review with the round version. I love the way they feel. Chris Balza 9 years ago.


Our mission is ConsumerFirst. I love it, but for me it takes a little while to get used to a new club.

djmo If you understood how the deals worked on tour you would see why that driver is in more bags. This is one of the straightest drivers I have ever hit. Even teed lower a bit I had a hard time keeping the trajectory down.

Nike SQ DYMO Driver 10.5 Degree Graphite UST Axivcore Regular Flex 23759a

Compared this to saasquatch or 9 other drivers and this one definitely goes the straightest…. I would agree I felt the SQ was an overall better driver.

Notify me of new posts by email. I just got the Dymo2took it for my first round…. Between all the golf blogs out there that they sent these drivers to…you are talking about a major influence on the golfing public. But there was a small and risky catch on their part…we had to test it head-to-head versus the Taylormade R9.


Nike Dymo and Dymo2 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

And out came what I believe to be the best product I have seen Nike put sasquatcn to date. I agree Doc…Nike sent us the square and was supposed to send us the round version. The addjustable shaft i do not like I think is a gimick because its something people cannot be bothered with but whats the point in having it?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The R9 fairway wood, though, is something else. The Nike rep dropped the ProLaunch Red shaft in a Nov 29, 40 Comments. Nike seems to have read my mind and improved on vymo drivers djmo virtually every way they could have to me. I am just about to buy a Dymo driver but stuck on the shaft options.

At least nobody ever stared at me on the range. Hate your own game!! Third hole, hit a ball yards.

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