Jun 6, Posts: Jan 18, Posts: What the hell OS is this computer running. Set IRQ line in bits We just happen to have numerous 3Com cards in the bone yard and also the EtherDisks, so I thought I could make a couple of spares without doing much work.

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My earlier curiosity found it using google.

Fri May 08, 6: It’s been, what, 7 years since I posted that. This software may be used and distributed according to the terms of the GNU 3cc509c Public License, incorporated herein by reference.

3Com 3C509C-TX-M or 3c509 series Free Driver Download

A 3c EtherLink3 ethernet driver for linux. Fri May 08, 5: Assume that we are in register window zero.

Because of the way 3c ISA detection works it’s difficult to predict a priori which of several ISA-mode cards will be detected first. Feb 12, Posts: Does the network card have to be 3COM? We’re talking about licenses for 4 seats plus expensive options on a floating license setup. It has reserved pins which are the programming voltage and program enable and it repurposes other pins when program enable is 3c59c.


Upgraded to Donald Becker’s version 1. Mon May 11, Copyright by Donald Becker. Fri May 08, 3: I distinctly remember changing MAC addresses, so it definitely can be done, sorry to tell you H but for once you’re wrong. Fri May 08, 4: This is expected to be a rare operation, and it’s simpler for the rest of the driver to assume that window 1 is always valid rather than use a special window-state variable.

Unless I don’t have the right utility. If interrupts are disabled for an unusually long time it could also result in missed packets, but in practice this rarely happens. This has never been publically documented and your chances of having a compatible EEPROM burner are zero You bought the prepackaged chips directly from 3com even if you were a card maker, which you weren’t, because 3com made most of its own cards: Increased the eeprom delay. In the 3cC, the program enable pin was used for something else I forget what and to maintain MAC integrity, the program voltage was not connected in the package.


Now, I don’t remember exactly how, but as I posted back then and as my memory serves, I know I did do it and it did work. Jan 21, Posts: So maybe HellDiver’s site at the time paid more to buy models with that feature enabled. You wouldn’t be posting here if you did. I don’t imagine it was massively difficult if you have the correct card.

3Com 3CC-TX-M or 3c series Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE () –

Its in the readme. Can anyone provide any more details on the procedure? VM adapters can have the macs changed, does this have be in a physical machine?

I am personally not aware of any available card which EtherDisk’s MAC program command actually worked on. It is out 3fom earlier. Jun 6, Posts: I didn’t find any listings in the.

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