It isn’t loud at all when running and has enough ventilation to keep it from overheating. The small focusing wheel on the side required a bit of finessing to make sure our image was sharp, though. Add a little colour and the C does well, with graphs and graphics rendered with just enough lustre to impress. Picture quality was quite good for something this size. Business owners Sign up Sign in.

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There’s also a small fake-felt bag for the C, though it’s so snug it’s hard to fit the projector inside, and there’s no room for the USB cable. This is a Powerpoint projector, plain and simple. It’s good, but not great, with the main issue being its lack of brightness. Add a little colour and the C does well, with graphs and graphics rendered with just enough lustre to impress.

It’s easy to focus with the dial on the side. There’s actually nothing else to detain us here aside from a slightly sticky manual focus dial — what with there being afer user interface or any kind of image adjustments — so we’ll move on to the quality of the projected image. Very hard to get to work on windows accer, once it works ok, ler extend desktop, must be “clone” and it forces x resolution, also the 2nd usb power port does not make it realistically brighter, to get it brighter you must use the power adapter.

When 6 feet from a wall, the C projected an image that was 49 inches diagonally, with an average brightness of 94 lux when using the external power supply.


The projector comes projecror a USB y-cable, as it requires two USB ports next to each other, which could be an issue on some ultraportables. Prospero, Reviews Editor on.

Acer C LED DLP Projector Review | Ultraportable Projector Reviews

That means there’s no anti-keystoning, or settings for prijector, contrast, and so forth. If you don’t use the external power supply–which is the same type used by Projecror netbooks–the brightness is cut in half. This item doesn’t belong on this page. You will need a reasonably dingy environment and a room that’s flexible enough for a straight-on image because zero adjustments are possible, but used wisely the Projectorr will have instant appeal to anyone obsessed with traveling light… as long as they don’t own a MacBook.

On the bottom of the C is a tiny kickstand, but it’s so small that we can’t see any use for it. The other features include SVGA resolution, 4: That’s a shame since the only other way to achieve full brightness is to be sure to use both USB terminals on a laptop, or else the brightness dims.

Plugged into the side of a PC laptop — something that 1c20 necessitates pprojector not just two USB slots, but two side-by-side USB slots wince, Ultrabook owners — the C fuels itself and acts as a simple desktop projector. At 35 decibels, the C is whisper-quiet compared to most projectors, though it doesn’t have the built-in speakers now common on beamers of all sizes; on a projector this tiny that would be pointless since it’s smaller than the laptop it must be connected to.

Acer C120 DLP Projector

Good for smaller conference rooms, somewhat darkened, v120 this thing really delivers the goods and for an unbeatable price!


Amazing clarityup close or a far distance – just turn the side dial to focus.

Picture quality was quite good for something this size. At x it’s far less than high definition; its maximum x pixel resolution signal is also slightly limiting, but the C was never meant to replace a home cinema projector or even have anything to lee with movies.

Pride of place in Acer’s Travel Series, the C will appeal to any road warrior who occasionally needs to quickly impress with an instant Powerpoint presentation. Specifications Projector Resolution x Contrast Ratio One thing we wish Acer had included was an adjustable c1120. Show More Show Less. Beware of others who hide the fact that you are purchasing a bulb only, and not the complete lamp with housing.

Show less Show more. This projector was designed proector be lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to travel with and is ideal for users who travel on business. Unlike other portable projectors, the C uses USB 3.

It’s not scer best or the brightest, but when it comes to portable projectors on a budget, Acer has got it nailed.

It’s a great little projector Read full review Verified purchase: Indeed, it doesn’t even have a user interface to speak of. This small and bright Acer C DLP Projector is designed for those who need a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make their presentations from a Windows machine. What a little gem!

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