If anyone else has this issue and cares, mine is now working. Did this solve your problem? Plus I already had this one, so I’m happy I got it working. The only thing I have noticed is that the buffer is not read in the same manner. The Device Manager shows that the hardware device is working properly.

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Get your input in. Worked perfectly with Overwatch and Elder Scrolls Online.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All of these controls can be programmed with the included “Nostromo Array Programming Software” to emulate any keyboard function or keyboard macro.

Nostromo SpeedPad n52 – Wikipedia

If you make a profile for one of these newer controllers, please upload cista to our web site and share it with us. This has caused me many issues with gaming. Do not submit TrackBacks from other sites. And the author is looking for feedback right now. Pictures of purchase or shipping related notifications and information. I was going to buy a new one, but I didn’t see anything that matched up perfectly to what I wanted.


How satisfied are you with this response? Pictures of boxes without accompanying hardware or build photos. They dropped support with Vista. The programming software does work on Intel-based Macs. The n52 is made in a black and silver design with a few orange accents.

Tell us about your experience with our site. Just upgraded to windows 10, installed the n52te profile editor and it stops my screen saver. To the right of that, there is a nostromk buttonas well as an 8-way D-pad normally found on gamepadsintended to be used with the thumb.

Nostromo SpeedPad n52

Switching them using the synapse app. It’s not about the hardware in your rig, but the software in your heart! Others Belkim still have to do.

Design1stcode2nd Created on August 20, Under events in the device manager properties it says “Device not migrated”. Consider PMs as a safer way to hand out keys.

I have about four I use regularly.


Have you any profiles already for Total Game Control? File attachment is optional. They can also be programmed to change the device’s “state”. In fact, it not only does it for the Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad n50, but also any other game control device. The Device Manager shows that the hardware device is working properly.

However, I haven’t done extensive testing It can also be used outside of games, for example to support cartographic software. I can’t get them to work worth a damn at all.

See a list of all compatible controllers in the “Related Links” section below. Today, I don’t play any game without it.

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