Thanks to deep, multitimbral programming Blofeld acts as piece electronic drum module. Waldorf Blofeld Monster Pack progressive trance. This gives you powerful means and more expressiveness for amazing sonic motion and wide live sound variations at your fingertips. View the discussion thread. I was listening to the Blofeld on YT and loved the sounds so I bought a barely used one was aware of the encoder problem on the Blofelds , despite Diving into the powerful slot modulation matrix, the Blofeld turns into a digital modular monster where almost everything can control everything.

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The Loop types can be used to act as additional LFOs, while the One Shot is perfectly suited for percussion sounds which typically ignore the note release. Each envelope can be either polyphonic or single trigger.

Waldorf Blofeld – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Modifiers And how many slots do you get in the mod matrix? Waldorf Blofeld Sound Trip.

Works for every genre. Both versions feature a stereo output, headphone output and a USB port for computer control and firmware updates.

These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld’s synthesis engine just like oscillators – an enormous extension to Blofeld’s sonic possibilities! This operation is just one of several at your service. For deeper editing, flip through the menu pages using the main encoder and then adjust the active parameters using soudn two knobs under the screen.

You can even create your own modifiers by combining two sounnd sources and applying different operations to them e. Date Produced – Blofeld Desktop: A huge collection of professional sounds for the Blofeld series.


LDX116 – Monster Pack V.2 – Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop

Okay, Blofeld’s arpeggiator could very well become the biggest chapter of this page but let’s try to keep it short And because the Blofeld has two filters that can be routed in series, you can control the timbre of the drive output of Filter 1 by dampening or emphasizing certain frequencies with filter 2. No, we’re talking big here. It is an audiophile addition to the sound sets “Space Explorer” and Exo Worlds”. Arpeggios of up to 16 steps can be programmed with individual settings of swing, glide, accent and note length for each step.

The Envelope types include the standard ADSR as well as an enhanced ADSR-variant with controllable attack level and two decay and sustain stagestwo different loop envelopes and a “one shot” Envelope. It sounf based on the HG Fortune sample set 86 samples and provides new patches including cosmic atmos, silky pads, space effects, livly arps, analog leads and more.

You can use such custom-made modulation sources in any of the modulation slots described above. Archived from the original on 15 September Picked up a Blofeld a few weeks ago and was disappointed to find that it’s absurdly noisy. However, since the engine is enormously deep, almost any sound can be approximated with careful programming.

Waldorf Blofeld Sound Generation

When the sample RAM option is used available standard on the keyboard model bloefld as an expansion option for the desktop moduleOsc1 and Osc2 can load user samples that act as regular sound sources instead of the analog modeled waveforms or wavetables for even soind unique sound possibilities.


This punchy soundset that covers everything for electronic music of the darker kind. Spectre is also the name of the Waldorf application for sending sound files to the machine, providing the user owns a license. The second effect slot offers all the same types as the first, but with the addition of delay, clocked delay and reverb.

Waldorf Blofeld

The link to the required Alien Vanguard sample set will be provided with your purchase. Official Waldorf Blofeld tutorial. Individual or multiple oscillator pitches, their pulsewidths and waveforms, their levels and filter-balances, FM modulation amounts, individual filter cutoff and resonance, filter FM amounts and stereo panning, or just the good old sound output level — everything can be controlled from internal modulation sources or from a variety of MIDI messages such as velocity, keytrack, continuous controllers including wheels, breath and foot controllers etc.

Review by Piotr Jablonski. Arp Variations by Andrey Osa This sound set contains various patterns of arpeggiator of various categories and styles. Sound Now, how does all that sound?

The use of samples, wavetables and comb filters can potentially limit the polyphony to single digits. The Blofeld offers a freely controllable “Drive” behind each filter with more than a dozen curves. Every part has its own MIDI channel, souns and velocity range, so complex multitimbral setups are possible.

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