My kext inject only the product and vendor id. You first need to determine what wireless chipset your card uses. These chipsets quickly gained the linux support due to the company’s open handed approach until it was purchased by Conexant. This is fixed like so: Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. There is one exception with regards to the Ralink chipsets. Posted May 1,

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Madwifi-ng is deprecated and now most supported cards by madwifi-ng should be supported by ath5k or ath9k. This can be done by one or more of these techniques:. Click here for a test of this adapter.

Broadcom deliberately removed the functionality out of their proprietary binary blob. Is My Wireless Card Compatible? bbroadcom

The bcm43xx has been verified to produce all ijjector. It’s a feature that I never found really useful, especially between iOS and Mac, however when I have a Safari window open on broadco iPhone, the Hackintosh shows me the handoff Safari icon in the App switcher as well as in the dock only tested Safari for now and it behaves just like on my MacBook Pro!


Sign In Sign Up. The entire rt2x00 family: The driver patch for this chipset has been continuously improved and quite good at this point in time.

YES driver patching recommended for injection and required to view power levels. There is a patch by SuD which dramatically improves the injection speed: Owners of and later has support with iwlagn. My goal is a kext that will not be overwritten. See this thread for important considerations.

broadcom [Aircrack-ng]

This driver does not support any USB atheros devices. Enter the information into FCC Website and then browse the internal photos of the device. How I got injectog bcm43xx packet injection working in ubuntu 7.

See this thread for pictures, links and other information.

compatibility_drivers_old [Aircrack-ng]

Sign up for a new account in our community. There are many considerations that should go into your purchase decision: There are two manufacturers involved with wireless cards.

Atheros and Zydas USB I couldn’t test “Cellular Calls” and the “Continuity Camera” as I don’t have a second phone and it’s quite late here right now for calling someone on the telephone and I don’t have any iOS 12 devices either.


This card has a soldered-in external antenna, with the wire between the card and the antenna easily pigtailable to RP-SMA. Once you have determined the chipset, check the driver section for which software driver you need. The ath5k and ath9k are not compatible as they have different designs. Atheros chipsets based wireless B43 supports the fragmentation attack, and it’s much more stable than bcm43xx. The second manufacturer is who makes the wireless chipset within the card.

Use the injection test to confirm your card can inject. I used this command: Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: There are also notes regarding limitations.


This is very important so that everyone can benefit from the experiences of others. One of the best chipsets nowadays is Atheros. Also see Ralink chipset comments later on this broadcmo for important concerns.

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