Read the terms in the License Agreement 2. There are A and B buttons for changing intercom channels and you can press and hold them for things like setting an FM station or connecting to a headset. They have also solved the bug in Intercom mode that sometimes typically caused the first syllable or word not to be heard. Bluetooth Intercom News and Reports. This is another new and very welcome feature that allows users to change and customize their G4 settings without the need for a computer. Overall the process wasn’t that bad, but we do wish the speakers weren’t hard-wired into the clamp — we could see possibly wanting to replace them with ear buds. Wired Motorcycle Intercom Reviews.

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Pairing is as easy as with any other headset, just hold the power button down until it starts blinking and then let your device detect it.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Intercom

Screen shots of the Cardo Personal Computer software application. It offers Bluetooth pairing to a phone, a media player, and a navigation system simultaneously. Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest.

Changing the volume is easy enough with gloves on, as is answering calls you can just say “hello”but handling all the other features was more of a handful. Automatic Radio Tuning is a One-Button-Push feature providing the ability to rided automatic radio tuning to serve two purposes. About the author H. Overall the process wasn’t that bad, but we do wish the speakers weren’t hard-wired into the clamp — we could see possibly wanting to replace them with ear buds.

Mounting can be a bit more tricky, however. Both of these features can be useful when travelling outside any normal listening region and beyond the range of the stored favourite stations, or when a general sweep of the FM band is desired…change is good, right?


Cardo Scala Rider G4 headset review: advanced noise cancellation for riders

No matter the final qualitative assessment on the dedicated Ridwr channel feature, the overall outcome of this version release is that feature and performance yardsticks have been advanced once more.

Also, make sure to configure your browser to allow pop-up windows. Main menu for the Cardo G4 software update Personal Computer software application. With the system on, pressing both Channel A and B buttons for three seconds initiates the menu and from here it is just a matter of following the voice instructions, in the language of your choice.

The second device could be started and streaming would caedo, but only for a few seconds before contention issues arose. Initiating the automatic radio tuning feature can be repeated as often as desired and it can be handy if the user wants to preview six stations in quick sequence.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Software Upgrade Version Report – webBikeWorld

Starting the player on the iTouch resulted in stereo audio pushed out to the headset. For software upgrades of other h4 go to the Cardo Community. We couldn’t even get to a half-mile before we lost connection but that was with some trees in the way and, honestly, that’s plenty far for most situations.

The latter version would be preferred for a full-faced helmet like our Shoei, but the boom worked just fine when we bent it up into the helmet and then ran the speaker wires under the padding. Save carxo on your desktop. This was normally due to pickup and switching delays in the systems.

G4 Software Version 2.

After the upgrade to sclaa 3. For informational use only. The other problem is that many motorcyclists have come to expect that nobody else can hear them when riding, and so commutes are turned into spoken word recitations or, in our case, impromptu demonstrations of helmet-filling baritone prowess.


After sending some initial observations and issues via email to a technical representative, a series of telephone calls from the representative have proven extremely enlightening and beneficial. Between this fix and the new ability to adjust VOX sensitivity, the issue is much less pronounced, although at times a word or syllable can still be lost.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 headset review: advanced noise cancellation for riders

This now allows the Scala Rider G4 to provide parallel A2DP connectivity with a dedicated music device and a compatible mobile phone. The occasional distortion noise on an Intercom rlder was also resolved.

For software upgrades of other products go to the Cardo Community Click Here to download the software upgrade for the scala rider G4 for snowmobiles ver 3.

Activating the Radio by holding the Channel B gg4 for three seconds and then pressing the Volume Down button for six seconds initiates the automatic tuning, sending the tuner on an upwards search from the current station. I am confident that this dynamic switching feature works, or will work, with or without the MP3 Channel A button being pushed, but it is far from seamless.

Doing so while dialing into a concall or grooving to some chill tunes is, well, not y4 we would exactly encourage. I have not evaluated this with an iPhone yet, but other mobile phones tested, including two smart phones, worked flawlessly in transitioning from Intercom to music streaming. The new features work as advertised in providing useful options.

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