Support from Cardo regarding this release has been outstanding. Please read the brief instructions on how to proceed to first use and close the window. Reliable and unbiased advice here. By default the headset disconnects after 30 seconds of silence and then reconnects you after you speak a word. Select your Download language from the dropdown menu above to begin downloading the software to your computer. The Cardo software runs on your computer, and when the G4 intercom unit is connected, the software manages the upgrade process by downloading and installing the most current upgrade from Cardo and installing it on your G4 unit s.

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The Cardo software runs on your computer, and when the G4 intercom unit is connected, the software manages the upgrade process by downloading and installing the most current upgrade from Cardo and installing it on your G4 unit s. The second device could be started and streaming would commence, but only for a few seconds before contention issues arose. The occasional distortion noise on an Intercom call was also resolved. Pairing is as easy as with any other headset, just hold the power button down until it starts blinking and then let your device detect it.

Between this fix and the new ability to adjust VOX sensitivity, the issue is much less pronounced, although at times a word or syllable can still be lost. Cons High costLack of easily accessible controlsCuts down on singing-time. Bluetooth Intercom News and Reports. The zumo connection was subsequently lost.


Feedback from riders who are using the iPhone with their Scala Rider G4 intercom would be great.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. After the upgrade to version 3. For software upgrades of other products go to the Cardo Community. The G4 charges over microUSB g is rated for a full 10 hours of talk with a week of standby. Overall the process wasn’t that bad, but we do wish the speakers weren’t hard-wired into the clamp — we could see possibly wanting to replace them with ear buds.


With a whole raft of new features — including some specifically targeted at Apple device users — along with improved user customization options and very timely bug fixes, there is likely to be something for everyone to smile about. I knew Cardo was hard at work testing their next software release and I also had some hunches about what it might contain, but even so, the long list of features in this version caused me to smile right ridre the bat.

From my perspective, the FM tuner has found new life with this release. Playing with this feature is ongoing, but a summary of the configuration results so far is provided here:.

G4 Software Updates

Starting the player on the iTouch resulted in stereo audio pushed out to the headset. The G4 sczla comes in two pieces: The other problem is that many motorcyclists have come to expect that nobody else can hear them when riding, and so commutes are turned into spoken word recitations or, in our case, impromptu demonstrations of helmet-filling baritone prowess.

The new features work as advertised in providing useful options.


There are A and B buttons for changing intercom channels and you can press and hold them for things like setting irder FM station or connecting to a headset. This now allows the Scala Rider G4 to provide parallel A2DP connectivity with a dedicated music device and a compatible mobile phone.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Powerset Bluetooth – 2 Riders | eBay

Scaa issue was originally noted some time ago when using the Apple Classic with Bluetooth adapters. Click on through to read why, and for a demonstration of some supremely impressive noise cancellation.

Reliable and unbiased advice here. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Pros Impressive call qualityPlenty of rangeEasy installation. It even has a 3. If you yell “Look out, there’s a cow in the road!

The settings are not well explained though and there are no examples in the updated manual, whereas the release notes provide one example. This is another new and very welcome feature that allows users to change and customize their G4 settings without the need for a computer.

With that player paused, the music player on the zumo could be started — audio streaming would start almost instantly; unfortunately it was mono and no matter what combination or sequencing tried, it remained that way. By comparison, the Intercom sessions are nice and quiet.

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