Within this location Other network File and Print Services. Adobe makes these available for printers with Adobe interpreters, as well. If you want to add drivers for additional operating systems, follow these steps. This also allowed me to solve the problem of the windows password being visible in the device uri which is shown in the web interface. To grant the named user groups that right, execute the following commands: How do you that?

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A final option is download, compile and install the source code directly downloaded from www. But I haven’t succeed yet. Click Print Test Page from the General tab in this dialog box to print a test page. Add printer screens below.

Samba shared printer fails to print in windows 10 after upgrade from 8.1

You can then run cupsaddsmb to install the drivers on the Samba server. Once the role smaba been installed, you are ready to install printers onto your Workstation.

To reply to the answer the PC was restarted a number of times. Instead of using the semiautomated driver installation mechanisms described here, you can create an ordinary file share that holds the printer drivers. See Swerdna’s contemporary version: You may be able to select a driver from among those that ship with the OS.


Wanting to get it working, I created a custom CUPS backend that uses the latter instead of the former.

How do you that? As Microsoft does not appear to be willing to assist with this issue, I poked around inside the Seagate GoFlex Home myself using SSH and found out how to make this work.

Adobe makes these available for printers with Adobe interpreters, as well. Typically, you would want to grant the privilege to the Domain Admins group, plus, maybe another Domain Group you may have called Our Printer Admins.

I have some encoding issues: Adobe makes drivers for PostScript printers available from its downloads page http: Introduction There are a number of ways to allow Linux clients the ability to print through your printer, however sometimes the best and most workable method is not clear. The values for “server” and “printer” and for “username”, “password”, and “workgroup”, if necessary must correspond to those used in the above command for the NetBIOS host name and share and for the password, user name, and workgroup, if necessary.

This difference is moot, of course, in the case of PostScript printers. Revision history 22 Aug – created 28 Aug – removed num-copies, fixed filename parameter, added discovery 04 Sep – added debugging info 29 Oct – added error handling, got it working on Gutsy too.


A few examples of places to help check for support are via: So Samba’s Point’n’Print will not work. In this case skip ahead to step 3. I set duplex printing off by default on CUPS but want it to work if the user tick the checkbox on it’s printing settings.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Running this powerful daemon opens the door to a variety of printing options on Linux.

Samba shared printer fails to print in windows 10 after upgrade from – Microsoft Community

These drivers can be very difficult to install on a network print server. Windows 10 generates an error. Don’t forget to set it back to no once your drivers are in place When using a “smart printer” eg. I recommend to add a printer using the web interface with a device uri with protocol smbclike smbc: But this is not recommended.

When smbspool 8 doesn’t work, it may be possible to get printing working with smbclient 1 instead. Within this location Other network File and Print Services 2. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

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