Decent vertical viewing angle for the Dell Ultrasharp UH. The Dell UH’s relatively accurate out of the box color mapping means it has no issues covering the s. The UH also has much better input lag, making it a better choice for gaming. Average of the squared difference of the blacks with Local Dimming enabled. How much of the Adobe RGB colorspace a monitor can display at different luminosity levels, normalized to the monitor’s peak brightness. Unlike our other photographs, this picture wasn’t taken under a controlled environment, so do not draw conclusions from it.

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It only sees issues in darker tones due to its relatively low contrast ratio.

Color Shift from Below. The White balance dE is still pretty reasonable though at 2.

Dell U2715H

The overall gray uniformity of the Dell UH monitor is impressive. Unfortunately, this is u2715n line with most IPS monitors we have tested. The Dell UH gets bright enough to accommodate for even more challenging environments. The thin bezel is very nice as I like to have the Dell in front of and covering the wide bezel of the iMac so dll viewing areas are as close together as possible. The semi-gloss finish diffuses specular reflections across the screen, reducing their intensity.


Dell UH 27″ Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor UH

Always, but especially when watching dark scenes. When using your computer without headphones or a dedicated pair of speakers.

There are far more details in shadows of my photos compared to my iMac. When there’s fast movement on screen, such as during video games and sports. The luminance settings, often named ‘Brightness’ on monitors, usually range from 0 to Analog Audio Out 3.

Frequencies that are multiples of 60Hz are better. In addition to audio and video inputs, you can also connect USB compatible peripherals to any of the five of the downstream USB 3. How much of the HDR color spaces a monitor can display at different luminosity levels. The ‘Response Time Fast’ setting is a little faster than the default ‘Normal’ but introduces visible overshoot.

The rear of the Dell Ultrasharp UH monitor is simple but ddll professional. Updated Nov 03, Average of dekl squared difference of the blacks with Local Dimming enabled. There are many other sizes and year variants of the Dell Ultrasharp monitors, listed below. Almost every usage, but is most noticeable in gaming where constant fluctuation in framerate cause distracting artifacts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support HDR and its contrast ratio and black uniformity leave a lot to be desired.


By TFTCentral on January 15, 90 If you already have a UHM then we sell feel there is enough of a difference or improvement here to warrant an upgrade directly. Colors and brightness are retained relatively well at an angle.

Motion looks decent on the Dell Ultrasharp UH, but not as good as on many gaming monitors. Unless you really want the high resolution screen, go with the Dell Ultrasharp UH for the better ergonomics, brighter screen and better reflection handling. For people sensitive to flickering.

Those are limited to 8-bit color. The frequency at which the monitor is capable of displaying images every second. The Dell is better for people sensitive to drll, as it is flicker-free.

The score differences can be attributed to panel variance. Image retention measured after a recovery time of 4 minutes.

Average of the squared difference of the blacks. Monitor’s color accuracy before a full calibration.

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