This small update addresses a issue with the installer that did not recognise newer operating systems. You need to right click on your desktop, click properties, settings, select the second monitor, select “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”. Do you already have an account? This is a bug in PSPdisp 0. Seeing as the source code to the display drivers of these packages is not open: Either move it to the folder for the new kernel like x: Otherwise the new display driver will be uninstalled on the next restart and you have to install it again!

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Download is available as an installerwhich performs all necessary steps. Either move it to the folder for the new kernel pspdusp x: If your video player has an option to switch the video rendering mode from “overlay” to “Windows Media Eenable, then use that.

There are two possible solutions that I know of, follow these two links: The reason are invalid values in your PSPs idstorage an area in flash memory that stores various system settings.

pspdisp wont show extended desktop option

Test-signing the display driver does not dnable it will show up in the device list but is not usable. You are running the PSPdisp game from the folder for 1.


If you uninstall a previous version you have to restart the computer before starting the new setup. Conor Clancy, Dec 29, at 7: A project lead by DeViL in the previous version 0.

If you want to manually install the drivers, you can extract the setup files with an unzip tool like 7zip. There is only one setup file for all supported operating systems. I’m having a little trouble understanding what you want?

PSPdisp will only run on a custom firmware. Do you already have an account?

PSPdisp turn ur psp into second display via usb [Archive] – Pakistan’s Gamers Community

Are you trying to make the screen ennable up on your PSP? Pspdispp make sure that you are not running PSPdisp from the 1. So grab this version if you are using Windows 8 or Either slim or phat model running a custom firmware reported working on 3. By Tranced on Mar 14, at PSPdisp will only run on a custom firmware. All of the drivers were installed correctly nothing errored or failed to install.


The installer works for all supported platforms and will install the correct 32 bit or 64 bit drivers. I forgot to enter x and y values before hitting apply.


At some point we know we will eventually see a port of RetroArch on the PS4just look at all the devices the multi-emulation project already supports with its Libretro Cores and RetroArch frontend.

Videos are not shown on the PSP, pspdsip there are workaround? Installation Download the installer package below and execute it.

Read about them now! PSXPwnMar 27, The PSP gives the error message “The game could not be started.

Note that the usb and the display driver are not WHQL certified. The description in the help file is indeed a bit misleading as it only talks about the usb driver, which is now signed and works out of displah box. Will there be a version for Mac OS X? Last edited by Krotos; at PDPdisp works perfect as a clone, but I want to extend my desktop to my psp.

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