Simple push of a button on the front of the system starts an auto-sequence of a fast scan followed by reconstruction and volume rendering executed during scanning of the next sample. They know what there doing with client and answer all questions. Afterwards it will adjust the optimal magnification to keep sample fully inside field of view. Special software for mobile platforms performs volume rendering and virtual cut of objects with touch screen gesture controls. Many researchers strive to reduce the levels of radiation used in animal studies.

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A wide range of X-ray energies kV and small spot size in the X-ray source plus multiple filter options allow optimal scanning conditions to be selected for any particular application.

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Optional stages for micropositioning and material testing allow scanning of a sample under compression, tension, heating or cooling. It opens the possibility for reducing scan time down to a few minutes without compromising image quality.

Due to phase-contrast enhancement, object details as small as 0. The software for 4D time-resolved microtomography is also supplied as standard.

Fast scanning with high quality results is crucial for scientific research and industrial applications such as quality control or production process monitoring. Current developments in fast reconstruction accelerated by graphics cards give an additional gain in performance and speed.

The SkyScan optional eeyq sample changer can accept 16 samples up to 50mm in diameter or 8 samples up to 96mm in diameter or any mixture of large and small samples. The position automatic sample changer optional accepts a mix of the samples with different sizes.


Continuous scanning for long objectusing spiral scan option. Variable x-ray energy and automatic filter mousw provide scanning flexibility to allow imaging of a wide range of samples from lung tissue to bone with titanium implants.

The large format 11 megapixel x-ray camera gives an unrivalled combination of resolution, image field size and scan speed – everything that is required in a busy and demanding biomedical research laboratory.

Pages Liked by This Page. Tavern Steakhouse and Lounge American Restaurant. The SkyScan is specially designed for fast scanning using new advances in the technology of Mousr sources and efficient flat-panel detectors.

Italian style and quality with all new technology. Sections of this page.

A full-body animal scan can take 8 seconds or less, thus reducing overall run times and increasing the speed of data collection. The distortion-free flat-panel active pixel 3Mp detector includes a fiber-optic plate to ensure long lifetime and the highest possible reconstruction quality and accuracy The scanning can be done by using conventional circular trajectory or by using helical spiral scanning trajectory.

All scanned samples can be removed or replaced at any time without interrupting an ongoing scanning sequence. Choose your language de en Sitemap Imprint.

This scanner uses an x-ray source with adjustable voltage and a range of filters for versatile adaptation to different object densities. If you love this project and want to contribute follow the link SkyScan microCT scanners today reach a spatial resolution in the submicron range.


The reconstruction supports both circular and helical scanning modes. Shpritz continues to travel and work with the group.

Sensoren zur Druck-, Füllstands- und Temperaturmessung

Please do not patronize this despicable sham of a “business”. The automatic adjustment can be overwritten by the operator. This past week our doctor and the team visited the reservation in Spokane, Washington. For any sample, which can be up to 75mm in diameter, the system can automatically optimize x-ray energy and energy filtering using a new maintenance-free X-ray source and automatic 6-position filter changer.

The new SkyScan micro-CT system for in-vivo imaging is addressing the needs of scientists working in the exciting areas of physiological response to disease and regenerative medicine. The system includes a built-in precision micro-positioning stage and can scan samples during compression, tension, cooling or heating. Building on more than thirty-four years experience, SkyScan made the first commercial desktop microCT scanner in Automatic magnification adjustment and scanning protocol optimization is available for individual samples.

Many researchers strive to reduce the levels of radiation used in animal studies.

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