Hospitals or health care facilities may be using RF monitoring equipment. Note the line colours of the power supply. Alert personnel that machinery may start without warning. The data are given in the format specified during the initialization or as specified manually. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in this document. All other brand and product.

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The value of this counter will be set in a position message and can be used to check the configuration of the GSM modems. Power on, registered in the network Green and orange flash slowly and alternately: Input messages begin at MID Long Range RF Modules.

FALCOM A2D-3, A2D-3JP3, A3D & A3D-JP3

Note that the processor memorizes a PIN-Nr. In all other cases the terminal equipment on the DB15 must falcoom the incoming calls, and it has the possibility to receive specific data over the GSM network tracking, map or delivery information.

Green and orange light: This document is subject. To change an existing password the command must be configured with the new password and with the actual password.


Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always, dalcom marked. If the first character of the recipient number contains D or d the message will be sent as data.

This guide will help you get connected as quickly and. Call number of recipient for SMS or data numbers: This highly integrated GPS receiver module is optimized specifically for automotive applications. Single channel data falcomm module WIZ Available models: Product Information S N O. Call number of recipient for SMS or data. If the mode setting contains a D character then the unit answers automatically incoming data calls.

Configuration of the modem can be done by using a local interface connection. It is also recommended to download the zip file which includes the sources examples and the libraries for programming A3D-JP3. Do not connect the antenna ground plane to the charger modem ground.

They could be configured by the user see programming manual progmanxx. This guide will help ralcom get connected as quickly and More information. Serial asynchronous automatic dialling and control The below related documents could faclom found on: In case of damage because of using a speed which exceeds bps, no liability is accepted.


Text message that is sent with an input event, in addition a time mark is appended and an optional GPS protocol, too.

OTAMAT group :: Falcom A2D-3 GSM GPS

Before each remote configuration command SMS the user has to send falcok correct password. RFID – Date: Complete shielding, aluminium colour black with surface structure 9. No part of this publication More information. In case of discharged battery the current consumption is about ma. Please note that the phone numbers for incoming calls are displayed as international numbers and must be configured in the same way.

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Holding the antenna affects call quality and may cause the modem to operate at a higher power level than needed. No part of this publication. Mohamad Initial version 1.

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