Then test and hope for the best. Free forum by Nabble. So I believe that is VMware who should be asked about this problem. The above change needs to be done If you wish to start the quadstorvtl service automatically on system boot. If that were the case, you would have to use a tool to flash new firmware to get back to the newer version of firmware. Target mode support is not completely reliable yet.

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I understand this is fraught with issues treebsd you told me so in your posts I had read prior to you actually telling me. In my setup I haven’t flashed the firmware. For Fibre Channel cards in Local Loop topologies it is strongly recommended that you set this value to non-zero.

The default is seconds 5 minutes.

QLogic FC Target Driver How-to for 22xx/23xx/24xx/25xx/26xx Adapters

If freegsd have a suggestion on a better coarse of action, please provide your feedback, I’m definitely open to a better solution with the following restrictions.

I get wonderful burst of quite brilliant speeds, the speeds I expect, however I something resets and the whole process pauses stops mid transfer, then bursts again for a short period of sustained transfer before dieing again.

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Some old threads, but not helping much. The all-in-one thing is what it is. After I load the newer firmware 5.


Can you get esxi to play very nicely with that qlogic controller? Thankyou all for taking the time to respond.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

I’ve tried to do my due diligence in terms of research. That is at odds with running it on your typical virtualization platform, which is trying to share resources to make effective use of limited resources.

My plan is to have the nas boot off of the local disks on freebed vmware host, come up, bring up the clustered storage and zfs which would hten bring up the other vm’s and storage. At least then you may be able to live freebssd middling performance from zfs.

After rebooting, the system is ready to be configured in FC Target mode.

We like wildly hopeful, but storage is a pragmatic business. Just few qlogi ago I committed patch to make it wait indefinitely, if asked by VMware’s virtual disks, without returning errors to applications, only bugging admin. If qlobic the old gear to work is the primary goal, you want to utilize systems that support it best.

If you’re trying to do REAL work and store the kids photos, backup your network, etc You might be able to work around your timeouts and stalls. If however you are accessing disks or tape without the need for FC connected to QLogic card s then it is suggested to disable initiator mode.


freebsd-drivers – QLogic 24xx FC HBAs not working fine with CAM Target Layer

Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo. First of all, looking through dmesg output, this RHEL 7 workstation has loaded the driver for the Qlogic card. In reply to this post by bharat singh-2 On Wed, Jul 23, at Want to link to this manual page? Dunno, but I’d try it. So you may want to frwebsd, just in qogic. The isp 4 driver at least is somewhat tied to a given firmware revision.

The default is 1 enabled. Joined Feb 5, Messages 4 Thanks 0.

The errors reported are not unheard of, but I’m not sure how to resolve them: The ispmod driver used is a modified version of the FreeBSD isp driver but all device hints suggested in the manpage of isp are supported. So since safety and hardware have been addressed. A seperate nonadjustable timeout is used when booting to not stop booting on lack of FC connectivity.

Some more info 8G HBA also showing same issues.

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