If I increase the capacitance to higher value up to 0. I tried to light the CFL but it just drained the voltage and wouldn’t light. I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals! I am only using the Fuji transformers and not any others right now as it is the only one that has the low turn heavy wire primary while Kodak and all the others don’t, I’m trying to replicate the low amp input and 12 hour CFL duration that Gadgetmall posted. Transformer Pin 2

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EinsteinE Stats Total Posts: Maxwell Ultracaps YT Subscribe. March 04, Gadget Do you know if any of the Fuji circuits you modded so far had 6 wire transformers or were they all 5 wire with the 6th post as a locator pin?

Fuji Circuit Joule Thief Cfl Driver Free Mp3 Download

Connected to Flash switch lead 1 March 11, Amazon Deals Amazon Warehouse Deals! Battery Negative 1 a. Logged Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy Re: All Test is over, battery stopped lighting the CFL at approximately 4.

Neon lead 2 Testing on circuit 2 with more variable resistance tuji cap values need to be examined before adding more components in circuit 3. Switch connection 1 8. Thankyou, Pirate posted a bunch of stuff here on the jtc.


LOL Now for the next steps I placed a small DC motor in parallel fuui the circuit and it would run after adjusting the capacitor and resistance but then the voltage started going up past 0. If you use this website and our services you declare yourself okay with using cookies.

Same result observed when measuring with analog meter. Check this out and join BitTube.

You have to realize thta this is Cold electricity and the bulb will not lite up near as blinding bright as on house current but there are ways to make it bright. I took apart 5 Fuji circuit boards last night and so far and all of the transformers fji the low turn heavy wire primary have 6 pins but only 5 of the posts have wires hooked up to them, so far the 6th pin only appears to be there as a locator pin. Great new video from Peter Lindemann Navigation.

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Fuji Circuit Joule Thief CFL Light | Cell Phone Batteries

March 09, Can light a neon by touching only one lead to either of the output wires! Transistor – Base 5. The new digital currency! So far it seems that the only component needed from the Fuji cameras is the transformer as the barebone circuit proved.


The only thing you should be concerned with is the primary circuit in resonance. March 06, Many thanks for your understanding.

Gadgetmall’s Fuji Mod light CFL from 1 AA/AAA for – 12 hrs + – Thread 2

At that point I got the CFL light to start flickering without a drop in cfo. I also found a handy 3 terminal socket that will hold transistors, only problem with this is the pin assignment once soldered onto the the prototype board.

Hooked up analog at battery to monitor voltage drain for now, voltage drop or high amperage intake same thing to me 2. I won’t be able to use the circuit layout as posted on the josepino.

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