I send your item in the exact condition specified in the description. New items are new, not re-shrink-wrapped by me. Recently, several items came back to me working perfectly. Please do not attempt to defraud me. I cannot guarantee that others didn’t.

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There are some unscrupulous people on Ebay and it’s a shame. I cannot accept any other form of payment. Buyers Remorse is a valid reason for a return, but please indicate that as a reason and pay the shipping to return it. Geavis work hard to provide good product to the consumer. If you want to discuss such offers, send me an e-mail outlining your reasons and I will consider it.

Please do not attempt to defraud me. My eyes are not the best as they used to be and I might miss something so look at the pictures carefully.

Download Gravis Eliminator Precision Pro Joystick

Sorry for the rant but I have had several broken pfecision sent back to me that I did not send out. Check my feedback, I will not intentionally defraud you. My home is clean, we dont smoke and I have a dog but for every item I have, I dont know where they came from.


I am an honest seller. If after 3 days, you do not pay for your purchase, Ebay will automatically open an unpaid item case but if you need more time, please let me know before 3 days are up so I can turn off the unpaid item assistant for you and manage it manually. I send your item in the exact condition specified in the description.


I will use USED clean plain boxes for heavier items. New items are new, not re-shrink-wrapped by me. I record serial numbers and scuff marks, scratches etc. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to send a message through the Ebay mail system! The only payment I accept is through PayPal. It gives you unique precision for those tight shots.

Most of my items are purchased from re-sellers, auctions, garage sales or estate sales. I cannot guarantee that others didn’t.

With this being said, I try to examine each item closely for cracks or chips. This Joystick has a precision button on the base for those times when you simply cannot make a mistake.

You will receive an automatic E-mail notice after you purchase my item.


I clean most items but only for photos, they might need better cleaning, especially food use items. I will combine shipping if requested! Recently, a piece of grzvis tape on a box that spilled packing peanuts earned me a negative. I will package your purchase very carefully to ensure that it eliminayor arrive safely. With that, you will pay more for added packaging both in my cost of peanuts and in heavier boxes. If it genuinely is broken when you receive it, I expect the same unit back and will fully refund you.

I know the USPS is not gentle so we do over-package so you can receive your item in great condition! Thank You for taking the time to read this. I detail and test every piece I get and if it does not work, I return it, throw it out or note that it has defects.

Please do not be so critical! This Joystick comes in it’s original box.

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