Gumstix touchscreen baseboard can be customized online May 31, — by Eric Brown — views Please share: Now, our team just made it possible for design owners to share their product pages to co-workers. To learn more about our use of cookies, click here. I had it as higha s I have the same Chestnut board with the same inductor and am experiencing the same problems with the touch screen.

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The surrounding of the inductor is concaved. Can you take a photo or describe inductor L2 on the Chestnut board? I still don’t understand why, but if I set the pixel clock to 9.

Gumstix Alto35 Customizable Touchscreen Board

For more information, please visit www. The Arbor 43C design is available in Geppetto for you to make it your own.

We are looking in to a fix but for the time being, switching to a different image or changing the version of Xorg would be my suggestion. It’s supposed to smooth the input if memory serves, but it does the job a little TOO well A full-featured embedded LAN controller emphasizing performance, flexibility, ease of integration and system cost control while providing high performance and throughput.


What’s new in Geppetto? Undo, Touchscreen, and Sharing!

Splunk takes this data and makes sense of it. The following are the directories in my overo-oe folder: Geppetto is our free online design tool that allows you to create a custom hardware design — no electrical engineering required from you.

I touchhscreen this issue with a Fire on either Chestnut43 or Palo I’ll look closely at that document. I’m messing around to get the right timing settings for fbset to output the full resolution to my display to see if it is indeed just the LCD driver used.

Ash Charles-2 wrote Hi James, You’ve mentioned two issues: Hi, We have several gumstix overo with chestnut expansion board and LCD touch screen.

All the usual things you do in Geppetto: For recipes that just use source code in your recipes folder, you can simple edit and re-bitbake. All displays are manufactured at partner factories located in Mainland China and Taiwan.

There is some basic documentation here: What actions can you Undo?


What’s new in Geppetto? Undo, Touchscreen, and Sharing! | Gumstix, Inc. | Gumstix, Inc.

The Samsung driver sets the pixel clock to Friday, January 28, I do encounter the same problem with the vertical inversion and long delay with the touchscreen. Brent Original Message From: They boot OK and display the default desktop, but the touch screen is virtually unusable. Right now, we have not implemented a way to revoke access so please be careful when sharing.

I recommend the OE manual if you decide to take this route. Must be between 5.

I’ve seen it on prebuilt images and ones I’ve bitbaked. We take care of production while you focus on your software or application. Scott Ellis has put some great documentation gumstiz how to edit the kernel for Gumstix here: Make it the board you need with Geppetto’s easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

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