I use it with real turntables and vinyl timecode Virtual DJ. Update to Traktor 3. How can I use Virtual DJ with my laptop? I suggest you try on another computer and another USB 2. You should 1 copy the audio tracks from the USB key to your computer hard drive first, 2 then remove th No major problems at the facility. No – The general configuration is easy?

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Being able to mix in real life without being forced to lug around with a lot of cd Windows 10 – Windows 7 – Windows 8. Otherwise, the operation and bugs, very low – The drivers are stable?

I used the above settings and works great! No problem – The manual is clear and sufficient? I’ve been fighting for a week!

I’m having second thoughts ’bout this equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted Tue 15 Apr 08 7: The manual is quite comprehensive VirtualDJ. I hear distortion when connecting devices to the Line input of the console. I owned a MK2 in They could have put the crossfader in the Hercules RMX – Have you tried many other models before buying it?


But I l or t trsdu it at the jog wheels This is the first midi controller and I bought my first console to the “real” mix.

User reviews: Hercules DJ Console Mk2 – Audiofanzine

Hello MaxdjackThe eeprom was flashing on an eeprom burner but the problem isnt solved. Rear Output and it works with VDJ v5. I really AIM how you can enrengistrer brodcaster etc You can download it from here: Posted Sun 13 Apr 08 If the console is no longer detected at all whatever the computer, it means the boot rom area is not fully readable, which requires opening the Mk2 casing, removing the eeprom, and flashing it on an eeprom burner.

It’s really nice to have the possibility to mix MP3 files. So it’s not something I recommend It is nice but too simple in fact.

I have the latest version DL’d and under Midi Mappings there is nothing there? I set it up like you said but no dice.

I ordered a week of my birthday party, and I think I use to animate a few evenings with friends, private parties, I think it can be fun!

You should consoel copy the audio tracks from the USB key to your computer hard drive first, 2 then remove th If it feels like your Windows computer is slow for DJing, you should try making the following I realize that I have a small gap still small but probably due to my setup which is not unique I’ve had less than a week, I love the button layout etc Your name or email address: The driver may not be stable.


In fact it’s great practice for the titles we are asked to measure such forward penultimate Eddy Mitchell for a year anniversary. I have tried to connect it to the others USB ports but the problem remains. It is marked qu’l have to put the driver, install it and then plug the console This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The sound is not great just a Virtual dj

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