You will be asked if you want this driver to be the Windows default printer. You can use it to install and work with fonts in addition to CMRs and data objects. The name must follow standard iSeries member naming convention, and the extension must be. If you are creating an electronic form that is an industry standard form, like a government tax form, look for an electronic version of the form to use to create your overlay. Once users’ documents are printed to the AFP Printer, the AFP version documents are created along with a Save As dialog on the workstation or stored in a specified folder on the print server. AFP Printer Driver is intended for customers, business partners, and systems specialists who need to understand the fundamentals of AFP creation on the Microsoft Windows systems. To put the PC file, type the following:

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In some cases, you can reduce the file size of your images by removing the embedded color profile from the file and using an qfp CMR. Browse for the library where you want the resource stored.

Picture editing infoorint often do not have the layout options necessary to format a printout. This video shows the various steps involved with installing and configuring aafp AFP Printer driver, and shows how to create and test overlays. If you select Off for this option, your printed output will probably not match your Windows application. IBM i Print Software version: Mark resources as private.


Associate CMRs with data objects, so data objects can be reproduced accurately on different printers. To better control your margins, you can click on Clip Limits and change the default 0.

On the Local or Network Printer dialog box, choose Infoprunt Printer and uncheck the option to automatically detect. On the Name Your Printer dialog box, confirm the driver name.

Automated transfer with AFP Manager 1. Type the resource namewhich is the name you want to use for the overlay.

IBM Creating AFP Resources Using the IBM AFP Printer Drivers – United States

Install CMRs, fonts, and lnfoprint objects in resource libraries on the local system or on any system that you can access lnfoprint FTP. Select Option 6 Print next to the overlay.

JPEG images, while typically the most commonly used, are lossy image formats, meaning that they do not store an image precisely, but rather try to save space by grouping similarly colored areas of the image. These image types create much better print output.

This makes the file smaller, but imfoprint low quality when printed. On the operating system command line, type the following: For more information, please refer to the following documents: This is what you want.

If you leave it at Document it will not work. The Clip Limits are really specifying that the AFP driver is selectively choosing which portion of the printed document or image will be used as the page segment. Many government forms are available in PDF format online, and the overlay will be of much higher quality if printed through Adobe Acrobat Reader to the Agp AFP driver than if you scan in the form and print it as an image from an imaging application.


You can cancel out and choose to install the drivers using the Selective Setup utility or downloaded from the following Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document. To change to binary, type the following: On the iSeries, create a physical file to hold the AFP data: You will be asked if you want this driver to be the Windows default printer. The software installs as if it were a real printer, making the creation of AFP files as easy as printing.

To begin the FTP, do the following:. Private resources cannot be captured in the printer and must be downloaded with every print job that uses them.

When the Add Printer Wizard pops up, click Next. Select Option 23 Work with page segments.

This will cause your overlays and page segments to position incorrectly or be clipped. If Print Text as Graphics is set to On, any text included in your overlay or Page Segment will be converted af an image.

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