The antenna system selection depends on many factors and is beyond the scope of this manual. Correspondence when replacing the LED B 2. Then, insert a flat-head screwdriver into the holes of the chassis and tilt it in the direction as shown by the arrow. The MCU then processes the decoded information. Then, fit the panel assembly into the two tabs of the chassis bottom side by turning the panel assembly. Transmitter frequency, deviation, and power output should be checked, as should receiver sensitivity, squelch operation, and audio output. Power on the target transceiver.

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This circuit has an overvoltage protection circuit. High Sensitivity Frequency Counter 7. The PLL circuit in the transmitter generates the necessary frequencies.

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IC generates the voltage to control IC and stabilizes transmission output. When removing the cabinet, first remove the two screws from the right and left with a phillips screwdriver. Parts without Parts No. Precautions for Reassembly 1. Preface User mode For normal use.

New Address parts Parts No. Then, hook your finger on the edge of the cabinet and pull it out until it is over the chassis protrusion.


PC programming mode Used to read and write frequency data and other features to and from the transceiver. TX high 2 Transmit 4.

Plan cable runs for protection against pinching or crushing wiring, and radio installation to prevent overheating. Ckt DC power is less than about 8.

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Unpack the radio from its shipping container and check for accessory items. Make sure sufficient air can flow around the radio and power supply to allow adequate cooling. Signalling equipment operation should be verified.

The low-pass filter removes unwanted high-frequency harmonic components, and the resulting signal goes through the antenna terminal. There is no license required to install or operate the radio.

Regulated Power Supply PC test mode Used to check the transceiver using the PC.

IF Amplifier Circuit The divided signal is compared in phase with the 5 or 6. Position the radio close enough to the vehicle operator to permit easy access to the controls when driving. The frequency configuration is shown in Figure 1. When data is receiving by the transceiver, the green LED blinks. Introduction Each radio is adjusted and tested before shipment. Q turns on and a voltage is applied to 9T. The programming software can be used with a PC.


Remove the cabinet by prying the cabinet as shown below. Clone mode should be enabled. Clone mode Used to transfer programming data from one transceiver to another. Pull it out behind the chassis by rotating the bush e of the DC cord 90 degrees in the direction of the arrow after the screw q in the negative terminal is removed, and the positive terminal w is removed from the chassis.

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The programmed or edited data can be printed out. RX low Wide CH: If the state of one of the ports changes, the MCU assumes that the key at the matrix point corresponding to that port has been pressed. Allow sufficient space around the radio for air cooling.

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