So if you use Logic, Ableton Live, Reason or any other app, you won’t get the extra benefits. This minimizes the need for complex manual MIDI data programming. More knobs for tweaking the synths and more function buttons for bossing Cubase around. Now while some users will be satisfied with eight knobs, others will always need more. The knobs, buttons and wheels are all quality made and everything is so comfortable. It’s good to have a wide array of sounds at one’s disposal.

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Since these keyboards are largely similar, I decided to take a look at all of them together. I would suggest that you read the various reviews on the Internet to find out what buyers or people who’ve played this MIDI controller think of it.

As a workaround, we created extra templates for each instrument which gave us access to the extra controls we needed.

For instance a small, slim KX25 or KX49 will fit perfectly in a small studio, maybe a bedroom or home studio. A switch underneath selects between the layers offering up to eight parameters per template and an LED denotes which set is currently in use.

Yamaha KX25 review | MusicRadar

Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard. The bulk of the patterns are designed for backing tracks and can sound pretty good when matched with the right sound.

Are you looking for a keyboard that supports creativity and MIDI composition without getting in the way? In fact, all the controls can be configured to your taste by accessing the massive list of options in the device panel.


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All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. If you’re looking for superior feel and action from a keyboard, you’ve found it.

These are organised by categories and there are several editable parameters including swing and gate times. This pretty much adds up to a self-contained unit for accessing new sounds without needing to touch the mouse.

But apart from that they are basically the same. Not ideal, but it got the job done. You will be delighted by the big performance they give you through smart software integration. What this means is that if you decide that you like this MIDI controller, it’s all about deciding what size you really need.

What tends to come next in the programming stage is a bit of knob tweaking, which brings us over to the left-hand side and the bank of four rotaries.

These are very solid keyboards with strong features at good prices.

Each Yamaha KX keyboard provides a dedicated DAW control section, over one-touch phrases for instant arpeggiation, and assignable synth control section with templates. Image yammaha of 2 The KX25’s angular design looks decidedly retro. We used the supplied copy of Cubase AI in our tests.


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Below them is another pair, while two more are used for selecting instrument presets. Yamaha has thrown in a copy of Cubase AI to kickstart the integration process. With a range of drum, bass, guitar, keyboard and other musical phrases built in, you can’t go wrong.

The nice little trick here is that if you already have a template set up for the instrument in yamana, then the KX25 will automatically switch to it.

Yamaha KX25 Midi USB Keyboard Controller

In theory this should lead to a smoother workflow with fewer interruptions to the creative flow. Image 2 of 2 The back panel, obviously. So if you use Logic, Ableton Live, Reason or any other app, you won’t get the extra benefits.

At 2 kilograms, it feels more like a light computer keyboard, not a synthesizer. Now while some users will be satisfied with eight knobs, others will always need more. For all what these keyboards do, in my mind the prices are worth it. As a musican with his own home recording studio, I find this really impressive. Other highlights include a sampled version of Yamaha’s S90ES piano.

What do these keyboards do?

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