Views Read View source View history. You can order them inexpensively on your favorite large auction site note all information written on the sides. The only difference between the and boards are that the boards include full support for dual PCIe X16 support for SLI cards, and if there is a more useless feature for an unRAID server, I can’t think what it could be. Please check your PMs as I have left you a message. Use revision or higher. The fact that the BIOS is soldered onto the board complicates matters considerably, because it means that one flash of a faulty image will render your board unusable it will be ‘bricked’. All I get is a nice cold breaze from the case and cpu fans.

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Just two Seagate GB ” You can possibly find them on Ebay at good prices, but they seem to have been snatched up every where else. The wiki is being retired!

Hopefully this will be fixed in newer kernels. Also, if you plan to evaluate a series of CPUs, please think about buying a CPU cooler compatible for respectively sockets. I would check to see that you did not bend any pins on it and make certain that it is seated satw the socket placed correctly with no bent pins, its should just “fall in” with no real pressure required. Make certain that any sata cables are also fully seated this can be tough with this board and a gt placed in the middle d4 slot.


[hard drive] Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 sata driver install – Computer Hardware Help | DSLReports Forums

What I’ve Done So Far This is a good thing as it will save you from accidentally burning Cooreboot to the primary chip if you forget to toggle the hardware switch to the secondary chip. So after a couple more drinks I thought well maybe it didn’t work because at the time the Phenom was installed, I had put a beta bios on from gigabyte tech support FHO to cure the slow boot problem with my ATI HD graphics card and the inability to overclock the black edition cpu.

On a cautionary note, don’t drink and fix pcs. If you use the LAB payload, make sure to exclude the kexec binary and boot menu from the initramfs, otherwise your image will be too big.

A bit kexec can kexec into a 64 bit kernel, so if your system is 64 bit this will work just fine.

This has been documented carefully by ST; see his instructions. Sign in Already have an wata If you want another payload or would like to get closer to the metal, you can use the manual build method outlined below under Manual build. Now unRAID is back in effect! June 21, Add noapic to the append line of syslinux.

GigaByte Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 – Best Compatible Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 Mobo

It will be kexec’ed by the kernel that is burned into your ROM chip. This is eata list of BiosSavior resellers: June 12, Examine your capacitors as I have seen this exact problem on these boards with your situation. These instructions have been confirmed to work.


ssata For my new server, I was hoping to find a board with these features Once done remove the motherboard battery for at least one hour before replacing it. I selected Epox after much research.

Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 nForce 570 SLI Motherboard Review

Pleased to see you have sorted this issue out and I apologise for not picking up on this thread earlier as I could have probably saved you a lot of headaches. Image size doesn’t match if the m57slii of the hardware chip mismatch the Coreboot image configured ROM chip size.

It’s also possible to put a SOIC socket on the second pad, as documented by Harald Gutmannwith pictures here and here. Then I saw this post http: Posted October 3, Remember, when all else fails a cup of tea and a good swear will often help!

First choice CPU for Coreboot evaluation if this one runs you can try other models: Navigation menu M57sl tools Log in.

Possibly a friendly TV or radio repair shop could help too, but they may not have suitable soldering equipment for the surface mount parts.

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