I agree more memory should be nice Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Oooh, the SMD – was that intentional or did you not get the correct suffix on the order? You have changed the address in your equivalent of this line to have 3 unique addresses? Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I had these notes in the schematic I did and an excel worksheet:

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I usualy try farnell first Then further reducing it to 10K it gives me the desired intensity. I am not doing that, I only write to Plane0 and don’t do any blinking.

Application note: Ethernet to I2C – Network Driven LED Matrix Panel

I am far from good yet Kindly refer timing diagram – Fig. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

MAX, driving 4 5×7 matrix displays. For what you are doing, it might be a better idea to use an LCD module, as these are a lot easier to use. Well, maybe I was just lucky then and the Stop bit was treated as the 8th bit.


CCS :: View topic – Re: array of max for LED 5X7 display

Thanks Nikos 1 9 Replies Related Threads. Now with Unlimited Eagle board sizes! Included on-chip are an ASCII character font, multiplex scan circuitry, column and row drivers, and static RAM that stores each digit, as well as font data for 24 user-definable characters. Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected?

Any ways great we got this tricky IC working! What is the Osc. Guest Super Member Total Posts: Do you know if the Max has stored the characters in ROM?

I plan to start writing C code when I am very good with assembly Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Try ordering directly from maxim-dalas Good luck, and remeber: Pet New Member Total Posts: Maxim oed a lot of nice stuff but a lot of it is only SMD, which can be a pain.

I would be very grateful ,ax6953 some sample code to address the max from a pic 16f84A. Essentials Only Full Version.

What value have you used? Google is your friend! I consider it unavailable if I cant buy it from farnell This place also has them http: Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. I need few pieces.


I am not sure but i think that those ic-s dont shift chars, you cant make running text The datasheet can be found on maxim-ic. This was all found on the first page of a google search for ‘picbasic i2c’ If you are still having trouble with i2c, try an HD LCD Module. I find it really useful for starting with the proto type version of my developments They use minimum, just for writing 5 pins instead of 2, but I think that is probably a worthwhile tradeoff if you are having trouble with I2C.

This also might ked, from piclist.

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