And Opticstar tell me that they may get them around May time!! General update, from v5BE2. Use the SkyWatcher driver listed below. Posted February 25, edited. Any ideas would be most welcome. Posted January 31, Scroll down the list and look for:

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TeleVue Nagler Type 5 2″ 31mm eyepiece. If your web browser allows you to open the installation file, you may choose ,eade option when prompted.

ASCOM Platform 6.3

It is critical that you use the most recent AutoStar Updater to ensure that you get the proper software updates for mdade system. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

Posted February 6, edited. I have deforked it and then repositioned it as close as I could to the original – although there isn’t a great deal of adjustment. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

You mention a ‘ So assuming you have set up the scope and done an align procedure, and you are pointing and tracking on a star, let’s start guiding. Sign up for a new account in our community. Omegon Panorama II 2”, 15mm eyepiece.

You’ve got me a bit worried there Dave. The mount can be configured for dual OTA mounting or with the included counterweight.


ASCOM Unified Driver for Meade Telescopes

Before buying this product, make sure to check our accessory recommendations. Software-wise, they are using PHD Guiding.

About us Contact Terms Login. The holes under the washers are crescent moon shaped to allow for azimuth movement Looks good to me, the declination can be altered by the north facing bolt at the front, as there is a nut above and below the wedge, there is a gap between the wedge and the top of the pier, but can’t be seen on this image, so the actual wedge is sitting on four large nuts and ,eade, so as to be able to get perfectly horizontal to start, but I guess the angle of the wedge needs to be pretty close and final adjustment with the bolt.

Posted January 26, Find us on Facebook. Note regarding loading capacity of the mount: Write a review dqrxxbqawtduyb. I’ve picked asccom a second hand Lightrack II recently, so was keen to test it.

Meade LX80 ASCOM drivers?

The other icon in PHD is the brain icon, and there are some setitings in there, but for now leave them as there default, unless you have problems, then you will,need to read the instructions to learn about those settings.

If you are using a tripod you can make the wedge for your latitude and adjust it with the tripod legs, bit fiddly but easier to make it without adjustment if ascoj only going to be temporary.


Omegon 2” filter wheel. If you have Smart Mount, you will still have Smart Mount with this version. Omegon Universal digital camera adapter. It is quite regular, although not always, and always in the same direction.

The power sources are user-supplied.

Meade LX80 8″/mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

My plan was to use the guiding assistant in PHD to get a graph of the tracking performance, but initially the mount wouldn’t move. Anyone able to help analyse my PHD2 log? I’m now thinking of going back to the LX90 to use it for imaging and buying another wedge. Omegon 12V 3A car battery cable 3m for car cigarette lighter socket. For visual use I think it is a fine mount and can’t really fault it in this respect.

The adjustable Periodic Error Correction available when in equatorial operation mode makes the LX80 a mount that is suitable for both visual observing and photographic use. Questions Service Advice Contact My account.

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