If no subsequent consecutive ad indicator is detected, then the system proceeds to step In some implementations, initiating the virtual encoder may involve transmitting an instruction to the selected virtual machine instructing the virtual machine to create a new instance of a channel encoder. For instance, the live content channel may be encrypted with any suitable encryption scheme in order to prevent unauthorized access. In some embodiments, the first ad indicator also indicates the duration of, or a first stop point for, the first ad period. At , a channel deactivation threshold for the live streaming media channel is identified. According to various embodiments, users of client devices may receive content from a content management service.

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Assistance from the program’s community in case of problems. Other possible parameters may include, but are not limited to: Techniques for activating a live streaming media channel are discussed in additional detail with respect to the method shown in FIG.

Alternately, or additionally, the channel information management module may be configured to generate channel description information for deactivated live streaming media content channels.

In another example, the server may not include an interface to an abstract buy engine and may in fact include the abstract buy engine itself. The client devices – may view media content transmitted from the on-demand media system via the network Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate consecutive live ad insertion movitv live media streams.

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According to various embodiments, the determination may be made by consulting information associated with a media system module operable to manage media channel access information for the media system. Accordingly, the channel information management module may track segment or fragment information and be generated initial description information quickly when a previously deactivated live streaming media content channel is activated.


Alternately, or additionally, a channel deactivation threshold may be dynamically determined. Ata first ad indicator in the live media stream is detected. Alternatively, the modules may be implemented on another device connected to the server.


According to various implementations, a client device may be a mobile computer, a laptop computer, a desktop computer, a set top box, a smart television, or any other network-enabled device capable of receiving content for presentation.

Thus, in such embodiments, the ID3 tags are ocmbo encrypted and the extraction of the same can work in a similar manner as described above with regards to DASH protocol and emsg boxes. For example, if the start point of an original ad in the live media stream is at a time T seconds, then the system stops receiving the live media stream content at time T.

In some embodiments, if a subsequent SCTE emsg box is detected, a determination can be made as to whether the subsequent upcoming ad period is directly consecutive to the current ad period playing. Atan activated live streaming media channel that is not being utilized is identified. Atthe virtual encoder for the live streaming media channel is deactivated.

The system recited in claim 11, wherein the size of the fetched portion of the live media stream is within cobmo range of 50 bytes to 10 kilobytes, inclusive. In some implementations, the request received at operation may be received at a virtual encoder combi module configured to manage virtual encoders for encoding potentially many different media channels. In some implementations, an activated live streaming media pvi that is not being utilized may be any live streaming media channel that is being encoded but is not being transmitted to a client device.

Asiamajor is always moobitv to get one step beyond and let it’s customers enjoy the best products; this attitude might explain the slogan: For example, a channel may be deactivated when it ombitv not been transmitted to a client device for a designated period of time, such as 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes. According to various embodiments, users of client devices may receive content from a content management service. In some embodiments, the buffered media channel input data may indicate an pvi in the input data.


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Recording Audio directly as. Atan ad indicator is detected in the live media stream. In particular embodiments, transmitting the buffered media channel input data may involve identifying buffered media channel input data associated with the deactivated live streaming media channel and stored in the deactivated channel buffer module shown in FIG. Caching system and method supporting improved trick mode performance in video decoding systems.

The system shown in FIG. For example, the usage characteristics may identify how many times the channel has been requested for viewing in the recent past.

In particular embodiments, the activated live streaming media channel may be identified by consulting one or more of the web serverthe channel information management moduleand the virtual encoder management module Ata request is received from a client device for access to a live streaming media channel. Even in such embodiments, the ad indicators can be unencrypted.

For providing high quality, most creative and cost effective 3D products, which include 3D model database,3D video library and computer graphics packages. In various embodiments, the live media stream includes both encrypted and unencrypted data.

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