The information is clearly visible in artificial lighting conditions, but it is not readable in sunny day. MyMenu solves some problems, but not all, unfortunately. It is a circle of icons with tips. Stand-by time – As rated by manufacturer. These covers enable not only to change the color of the phone, but its design as well, even the shape of keypad. These covers can be easily found on the shelves of shops now.

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Is 5G safe or dangerous?

To view a list of missed calls you should enter the menu 3 operations or 2 ones if you add this item to MyMenu. Regulatory Approval FCC approval: It is also a special menu item in the menu.

Motorola C350

Dimensions of the phone are 98 x 42 x 18 mm and the weight is 80 grams, what allows to wear the phone in the pocket of jeans. Menu The main menu structure of C is typical to all last phones from Motorola. Polyphonic ringtones 16 voicesVibration, Phone profiles Other features: Motorola C, live pictures. Pros No pros Cons Lacks a camera on the back Thick body 0.

The FCC was established by the Communications Act phlne and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The keypad has a white backlighting, all characters are easily seen in artificial lighting conditions, they are not coherent by the bright light.


Standard calculator is also located here. Several phone numbers can be added to one contact, but the total quantity of phone phpne can’t be more than We left the phone to work only in stand-by mode and it had about 3 and half days of stand-by time.

A volume of the loudspeaker is quite sufficient.

Motorola C350 (T-Mobile) Mobile Phone

It helps to compose own ringing tones. Only when you delete it, this indicator is disappeared.

It is similar to the screen of Motorola T in response of color rendering. You can view 10 last dialed calls and 20 received and missed calls there. We are not sure that it was necessary to create a speciaa menu item in the main menu for this feature, because it is not often used. In reality the phone worked about 2 days in case of minutes of talking.

Up to phone numbers can be stored in the phone memory.

Shortcut number navigation is not available. The same as Quick dial, but only 3 phone numbers can be assigned to it. On the contrast, other companies add to existed platforms new capabilities and receive more advanced phones. First sales begin in Russia 20 February, according to an official information. But in the messages motorrola an open envelop is placed near each message, what means that all messages have been already read. Best iPhone camera apps. There is an autodelete function of old records, a possibility to create a reminder and even recurrent event.


This display has lesser size and resolution 96×65 pixelsit contains only 3 text lines, tips to the soft-keys use and service mototola with moyorola. Capacity – The bigger, the better!

Motorola C (T-Mobile) Mobile Phone | eBay

Date approved – Shows the date when the particular phone is approved by the Federal Communications Commission. But there is MyMenu function, which can substitute this feature. Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review.

Calendar is almost absent. We think that a typical user of this phone will have approximately 2 days of work without re-charging.

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